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Why Show?

Often we get asked why spend all this money to show cattle. And I will admit that we are not your typical show family. We dont own a fancy trailer and dont travel across the country to stock shows. But we do show at local shows and we have friends that show alot more than we do.

What it all boils down to are the lessons that we are trying to teach our children and the fact that they can learn them all in the barn.

1. Responsibility: Our kids are learning that they have to take care of something that is totally dependant on them. That no matter if it is raining or cold, they still have to feed and care for that animal.

2. Team Work: They have to become a team with not just that animal but with parents and helpers to make it all work.

3. Money Management: Bills have to be paid and feed ain't free. They are getting a good dose of reality.

There are so many things that they are learning that I could go on forever. But the truth is that no matter the cost of your animal, whether you have fancy equipment or just a showstick and halter, your kids will benefit from the stock show.

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