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The value of Hard work for your Children

This post is not neccessarily about cattle but goes along with what we do here at Blue Ribbon Cattle. Our business is a true family business. We involve our kids in it as much as possible. Over the years as a mother I have often asked myself if I am asking too much of my children. The answer to that is NO! It is only through hard work that they are going to learn the value of things. If toys, clothes, food, and neccessities just show up for them and they do not have to work for it then they slowly start to believe that it is easy to get these things. Then one day they are turned out into the cruel world and have a hard time understanding why they are failing at life. I hope that I have done a good enough job of preparing them for real life that they understand that it takes hard work to get the things that you want and need in life. And then sometimes even that is not enough.

We are very blessed to be able to involve our children in programs like 4H that teach them responsibilities and that if they want to win or succeed then they are the ones that are going to have to put in the time and effort. We are also blessed that they have grandparents that are willing to not just love and nurture them but to also take the time to teach them and mold them. I am a firm believer that if you maek your children buy into the family through work tht they will be more interested and engaged in the well being of the family. As my husband and I are out of town at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota this week my son at the age of 13 has been the foreman for Blue Ribbon Cattle and taken care of the homestead. I am very proud of him that through help from Grandpa he is not just willing but wants to take on the responsibility. It gives me great hope for his future.

So next time you are wondering if you are asking too much of your kids. NO!!! Not by far. They are capable of so much more htan we even ask of them.

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